Bunnies – Bonded Pair

Current status: Available
Last updated: September 10, 2019


Mrs. B and Longjohn are a bonded pair of bunnies, that need to be adopted together.  Mrs. B is spayed, and Longjohn is neutered.  They came in separately, and have since found love for one another.  Mrs. B is fairly easy to pick up, and handle.  However, Longjohn is not easy, at all.  He does not want to be picked up, or held.  He was abandoned and a dog had gotten a hold of him, although he is perfectly healthy now.   They are fun to watch snuggle with one another, and play.  They both like toys and lots of space to run around.  They do very well with their litter training.

Veterinary Information (vaccines, tests, etc.)

Spayed and Neutered, health check completed. No issues.

Special Notes

If you're interested at all in helping this animal, contact us. We appreciate it, and most of all, they appreciate it too. You can fill out a request to adopt or foster here, or simply reach out to us via email or our contact form. Thank you for your time and consideration!